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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Who am I?

Hello, and welcome to my blog.
I am Yitzhak Sapir. I am a software engineer in Petah Tikva, Israel. I am a frequent poster on various Bible and ANE related mailing lists, and this blog came about to store in a more readable form some of the posts and arguments I make on those lists. Many times I feel that my ideas get lost amongst the argumentation made on the list. It will also serve to highlight news events and scholarship, mainly related to the Hebrew Bible and Israel. I intend to provide references to scholarship, with an emphasis on critical and/or online forms of studies and articles. An emphasis on Hebrew articles will also be attempted. My ideas as presented here have not been subject to review except so far as they have been stated on mailing lists and criticized or commented there. I am also not a scholar, have no Biblical Studies related degree, and have not learned Biblical or related studies in any formal program. So while I try to follow methodological guidelines that would ensure my ideas are able to stand amongst the scholarship that I quote, I am never sure they do and I hope that I don't mislead you into thinking that they do. Maybe some of them will eventually grow and become published in the academic process and gain that special status that differentiates the scholarship from the popular.


Blogger Tyler F. Williams said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to your posts.

2/10/2006 06:46:00 AM  
Blogger J. P. van de Giessen said...

Welcome to blogophilia, I hope to read soon your posts.

2/10/2006 10:45:00 AM  

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