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Monday, February 20, 2006

Jerusalem Post: Caesarea Archaeological finds spark debate

Part of a Byzantine wall discovered in Caesarea
Photo source: Com&Sense Communications in The Jerusalem Post
The Jerusalem Post reported (Feb. 14) on claims that the Caesarea Development Company is pressuring the Israel Antiquities Authority to forfeit its control over certain areas currently marked as a recreational, nature zone despite "finds in recent weeks" that include "portions of a Herodean wall, as well as a Byzantine mosaic and a necropolis." This seems to be basically another round of publicity for a report coming just a couple of weeks after a similar report in Globes (via PaleoJudaica).

The opus sectile glass panel with gilded plates on the bottom right
Photo source: Orly Feister and Niki Davidov, via IAA
It seems to me that these do not relate to the excavations reported five months ago that described various rare finds relating to a mansion in Caesarea. Perhaps they come as a follow up to those excavations. While those finds, including a glass opus sectile panel with glass gilded and colored platelets, have received wide publicity, very few photos have been released with the news reports. So here are various links and references that include such images.



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