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Thursday, February 23, 2006

International Conference - "Mediterranean Mosaic: enhancing archaeological sites for shared development"

Update - Feb. 23: Another news report after the signing of the "Modica accord" added.

Undersecretary Drago presenting the conference in Venice
Photo source: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Today (Feb. 23) ends a two day international conference in Modica, Italy, that aims to seek ways to colloborate on protecting archaeological sites with Mosaics. It is titled also "Mediterranean Mosaic: promotion of archaeological sites with mosaics". More advanced forms of management for the areas that have archaeological sites with an important mosaic component will be discussed in Modica. These new methods will be examined with a view to arriving at ways of enabling the countries concerned to apply them in coordinated fashion. “By doing this we will increase the overall value of the archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, allowing for an easier use and promotion of them,” said Italian Undersecretary of State Giuseppe Drago.

Invited were delegations from Algeria, Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and, for the European Union, Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta, Spain and Turkey. However, according to a news report from yesterday, it appears that the delegations for Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Greece, Spain, and Turkey were not in attendance. Perhaps the absence of some or all of the delegations are simply a slip of the reporter and they are all there. Update: A news report about the actual signing of the accord suggests that only nine countries signed. Since nine delegations, not including Italy, were reported to be in attendance, it appears that none of the above listed countries bothered to show up.



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