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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New Comparative Biblical Hebrew and Akkadian Lexicon to be published

The Yeshiva University official student newspaper Commentator reports that a comparative lexicon of Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, and Akkadian will soon be released from CDL Press:

Dr. Hayim Tawil
Photo source: Yeshiva College Commentator
After eight years of diligent research, distinguished Yeshiva College Associate Professor (non-tenured) Hayim Tawil will be releasing a Biblical Hebrew and Akkadian Comparative Lexicon to be published by CDL Press within the next month. The Lexicon, which will be the first of its kind to focus on the comparative study and interpretation of Akkadian, Aramaic and Hebrew languages, is seen by many scholars within the field as a groundbreaking intellectual and spiritual endeavor.


Structurally, the Lexicon, which features over 1,000 entries, involves a direct comparison of Akkadian, Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic. Tawil's central thesis states that unmediated comparison can assist in explicating otherwise difficult biblical lexemes and idioms. The assumption behind this thesis, as Tawil conveys in the Lexicon's introduction, is that Akkadian lexicography is further advanced than its Hebrew counterpart.

The Lexicon will aid both students and premier scholars in several areas of research. In particular, the work aims at uncovering meanings for Hebrew words that eluded clear definition in specific contexts and to propose nuances for Hebrew words suggested by similar Akkadian usages. In addition, Tawil's work attempts to illuminate idioms from related expressions in Akkadian, to correct a certain understanding of Hebrew words and expressions in light of their Akkadian equivalents, and to shed insights Akkadian literature may have on interpreting difficult Biblical Hebrew.


Read the whole thing. Thanks to Uri Hurwitz and George Athas for passing it along via the b-hebrew list.

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