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Monday, March 06, 2006

A New Dictionary of Biblical Hebrew

Jim West at Petros Baptist Church Blog announces the publication of a dictionary of Biblical Hebrew written in Modern Hebrew. An earlier version of the same dictionary published in the 1960s included only the letters Alef through Tet. This appears to be a totally revised and complete dictionary. He writes:

אוצר לשון המקרא מאל"ף עד ת"ו

Prof. Menachem Zevi Kaddari

The is the first book of its kind – a comprehensive academic dictionary of Biblical Hebrew written in modern Hebrew. ... This book will appeal to a broad educated public interested in the Bible as the foundation of Jewish culture, and especially to students and teachers of Biblical Studies and Semitic languages including Hebrew. They will benefit particularly from the comparison of biblical words with their parallels in other Semitic languages, as well as the clarification of difficult, seemingly irregular forms in biblical Hebrew. ... The entries are accompanied by copious notes commenting on the etymology and the roots of words and presenting opinions of biblical and linguistic scholars on grammatical issues.


1,256 pp. high-quality paper, elegant hardcover. Hebrew. 2006. List price: $ 120.-
Postage in registered surface mail is at our expense.

Read Jim West's post for the full description. Other titles from Bar Ilan are available at http://www.biu.ac.il/Press/ (note the capital "P").

I will be seriously considering buying this book come Hebrew Book Week in a few months. Although the price tag is a bit high, I am missing a Biblical Hebrew dictionary of any kind in my library. I hope some experts will be able to provide their opinions by that time.

See the order form provided by Jim West.


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