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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kfar Cana Excavations reveal buildings from Monarchic Israel

The Antiquities Authority reports on Iron Age remains found in recent excavations in Kafr Kana (Hebrew כפר כנא Kfar Kana, site of the ancient "Cana of the Galilee"). It says:

Complete storage jars found in excavations
Photo source: Israel Antiquities Authority
In salvage excavations conducted by the Antiquities Authority in Kfar Kana remains of a settlement are being uncovered that existed at the time of the United Kingdom of King Solomon and the Kingdom of Israel (following the split between Israel and Judah, from the 10-9th centuries BCE). During the course of the excavations a section of the city wall and remains of buildings were exposed. The director of the excavation on behalf of the Antiquities Authority, Yardenna Alexandre, reported that evidence was found there indicating the place was vanquished during the 9th century BCE, probably by an enemy. In addition pottery vessels, large quantities of animal bones, a scarab depicting a man surrounded by two crocodiles and a ceramic seal bearing the image of a lion were discovered at the site.

Jim Davila also blogged a shorter Arutz 7 report at the PaleoJudaica blog. A longer Arutz 7 article (with photos) is now available here. Joseph Lauer also points out that it has now been reported in an Haaertz/AP report and a report in the Jerusalem Post. In Hebrew, this has been reported also by Arutz 7, ynet and nfc. Surprisingly, no Hebrew Haaretz report yet, apparently. Christopher Heard posted some comments on the dig in his blog, Higgaion, suggesting Egyptian influence and noting the need for a deeper look. Unfortunately, this may never come about as these are salvage excavations - excavations performed ahead of private or commercial construction. In the case of the Megiddo Prison, the Antiquities Authority recommended that the prison be moved due to the early Christian remains found at the site. But this is the exception, and normally construction continues over the site.

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